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More Online Stupidity

This one actually took several hours of me being rude before he finally got a clue!  Would any of you really keep talking to someone who acted as bitchy as I do?

darray:  hello, how are you?
joreth:  fine, you?
darray:  fine
darray:  are you single?
joreth:  Did you read my profile?  I mention that there
darray:  reading now
darray:  like your profile
joreth:  what do you like about it?
joreth:  be more specific
darray:  you are just straight
darray:  okay
darray:  okay your face and your body you look so
strong and hardworking
joreth:  that was not the right thing to say
joreth:  what else do you like about my profile?
joreth:  what made you contact me if you didn't bother
to read my profile first?
darray:  i need someone just to talk to okay
darray:  someone to ease my worries away
joreth:  you will find better luck and less hostile
responses if you pick someone to talk to who actually
has something you want to hear
joreth:  but you would only know that if you read the
profile first
darray:  you thats what i just did
joreth:  you contacted me first without reading, and
when I suggested you read it, the first thing you
commented on was my physical appearance
darray:  yeah
joreth:  I spend a great deal of time describing who I
am and what I'm interested in on my profile.  It's quite
offensive to have someone not pay attention to that
joreth:  and now you're stuck in a chat with someone
who is not being very nice to you
darray:  okay am sorry
joreth:  you will find better responses if you read the
profile first
joreth:  it is to your benefit to do so ... you will find the
kind of response you want that way
darray:  yeah
darray:  i have done that
darray:  so you love maths
joreth:  now, if you'd like to start over, try it again
joreth:  I was good at math in high school and
joreth:  mainly the math I use now is geometry
darray:  thats nice
darray:  thats cool
darray:  so you are not single right
joreth:  I am involved in several polyamorous
darray:  why
joreth:  read my profile
darray:  yeah
darray:  am a black
darray:  am single
joreth:  I don't care about your race or your availability
joreth:  read my profile
darray:  am not getting any younger am also looking
for an intimate lady a lady who i can trust and respect
joreth:  you're a child
joreth:  you're barely out of your teens
darray:  no
darray:  not really
joreth:  you're 20
joreth:  that's barely out of teens
darray:  in my 30s
joreth:  then fix your profile
darray:  yeah am new thats why
darray:  do you mind if i send you my pic
joreth:  I can see your pic just fine
joreth:  it's in your profile
darray:  okay
joreth:  we don't seem to be getting anywhere
darray:  hi
joreth:  hi
darray:  had a little problem with my server
joreth:  ok
darray:  well do you have an id on yahoomail
joreth:  no
darray:  okay i will like us to get to know each other
darray:  i like you i want us to know each other more
joreth:  so start talking then, because so far
youhaven't impressed me
joreth:  I say quite a bit about myself in my profile
joreth:  and you haven't talked about any of it
joreth:  your profile is empty so I can't talk about
anything about you
darray:  well i dont say much about myself on my
joreth:  you don't say anything about yourself on your
darray:  okay it will be better if i rather tell you
joreth:  then tell
darray:  well am thomas by name am a computer
scientist i finshed from the university of florida in
darray:  my mum is from africa and my dad is from
darray:  well am working on my own instiution now
darray:  are u still there
joreth:  yes
darray:  but the only problem i have is i just need a
woman somone to love someone to make me happy
someone that i could come home and always give a
joreth:  ok, seriously ... go read my profile
darray:  am tired of dating flirts and unserious lady
darray:  okay i no you are not single
darray:  that means we arent good for each other
joreth:  so then why do you want to talk to me?
darray:  beacuse i feel like talking to you i need
someone like you
joreth:  what does "someone like you" mean ... what
am I "like"?
darray:  you know you are not just a lady you are an
hardworking lady thats what an hardworking man
joreth:  you have very little idea about who I am
joreth:  first of all, the term "hardworking" covers a
wide range of attributes
darray:  i know but i could get  to know you more
darray:  i mean we could get to know each other
joreth:  second of all, it doesn't cover an even wider
range of attributes for which we are most decidecly
not compatible
darray:  it does to me you like a tomboy who could
make me laugh
joreth:  I'm very dry, cynical and introverted ... that
combination does not usually make people laugh
joreth:  I'm better at antagonizing people
darray:  its still the same am not use to dating on net
this my first time and i dont think i gat all the whole
time to start searching
joreth:  well, unless you're planning to die in the next
year, you are overly worried about time
joreth:  and I don't date online either
darray:  so do i
darray:  am out of words
joreth:  I'm not hardworking, I'm lazy, I'm mean, I'm
bad-tempered, I'm opinionated, I'm athiest, I'm overly-
antagonistic towards monogamous and religious
people, and conservative people
joreth:  so what about that is something you think you
joreth:  you still haven't said anything about me that
you like, except that I'm hardworking and I'm not
joreth:  so I'm still confused about why you continue
to talk to me
darray:  am already hooked up with u baby i dont
know whats happening to me
joreth:  wtf?
darray:  could you send me a pic of yours to me
joreth:  no
joreth:  you can see my pics in my profile
joreth:  I am not your baby, I am not anyone's baby
darray:  okay okay okay
joreth:  I am an independent adult and you are only
digging yourself deeper and deeper
darray:  alright joreth
joreth:  why on earth would make you possibly think I
would want to send you my picture?
joreth:  why = what
darray:  since you dont want me i think iwill just have
to leave
joreth:  wow, and it only took you several hours to get
a clue!
joreth:  congratuations
joreth:  next time, read the fucking profile and pick a
girl who has anything in common with you
darray:  alright its my first time so thanks for the little
joreth:  consider it a public service ... READ THE
joreth:  I won't be the last one to do this to you if you
joreth:  this approach doesn't work in real life either,
so your virginity online is not a valid excuse
darray:  alright i will do just tthat
darray:  so could you give me a clue on what to do
joreth:  READ
joreth:  THE
joreth:  PROFILE
 joreth:  don't contact girls who dont' have
anything in common with you
joreth:  only approach those who have something of
interest to you
joreth:  it's really not that hard
darray:  okay i will
darray:  thanks anyway
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