March 1st, 2007

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Protect Yourself and Stop Spammers

Please forward this on to everyone you know who might need help with spammers, but PLEASE do not list anyone else's email address when you forward it!  Send this email as a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC).  If you have to put something in the To: field, I have created a fake email account just for this purpose.  You can put in the To: field to protect all legitimate email addresses from being seen.  Add this email address to your address books and use it anytime because no one will be reading any email sent to this address.  And make sure to DELETE all email address headers from the previous person before sending this on to someone else.  When you forward any email, it should look as though you've written it yourself, with no "original message" information at the top, no annoying > at the line breaks, and definately NO ONE ELSE'S EMAIL ADDRESS visible.

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Science vs. Faith

In an ongoing debate on another forum about science vs. religion, there appears to be some difficulty discerning the two.  Many people think that science is "just another religion" in that it still requires "faith" to believe in the results of the scientific method.  tacitposted a picture which very elegantly sums up the difference.  I liked it so much, I'm posting it here.

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