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Poly Media Request

I have been contacted by a reporter named Liz Langley, who I have met a couple of years ago when she did her first story on polyamory. She was a guest at the Florida Poly Retreat and did an admirable job of respecting the boundaries and concerns of the other attendees by wearing a Press badge, not approaching people unless they invited her, and only recording or taking notes at the official Meet The Press Roundtable discussion, that was held behind closed doors with only people who were interested in participating in a media event (all as per negotiated prior to her attendance).

Her coverage of polyamory has thus far been positive and she is now looking for more people to do another story. Specifically, she is:
doing another piece - a short, lighter piece for Details magazine, a men's magazine with a 20's/30's age range - and am looking for a couple of 20-somethings outside of the state of FL to talk to for the story. Cherie Ve Ard said you might have some ideas - they can be men or women - it's more the age and location I'm concerned with (it's harder to find people who are younger so that's where I'm starting out).

The piece is tentatively titled "My Poly Valentine" and is about how people in multi-partner relationships handle Valentine's Day. :) I have one triad and one quad from here in town already. So far it's been a lot of fun!

I'd love to have all my interviews done by the end of the week if possible and only need about 20 minutes from any person/couple/triad/quad/etc that I talk to so it shouldn't take much of their time

If you are interested, contact her at and, alternately, if you are interested in doing media events in general or in learning how to get into the various forms of polyactivism, let me know & I'll try to let you know directly the next time I get a request. Also, keep an eye out here for an announcement about how to get into polyactivism, poly-leadership, and poly media events coming soon!
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