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The Texas school board has had a long history of changing textbooks to reflect inaccurate information. And because Texas is the largest purchaser of textbooks, whatever they want to be put in them is what the rest of the nation ends up getting by default.

This is not simply a conservative vs. liberal issue. Even other conservatives do not all agree with the changes being made. They are removing or reducing actual historical and scientific data from the textbooks which will give future generations an inaccurate understanding of history and science.

In order to compete in the global market and as a leading nation, we need our children to be well-educated on those subjects that will keep us as global leaders in politics, in business, and in science and technology. It does no one any good to rewrite history in our textbooks because some extremists don't like the story.  They actually want to completely remove Thomas Jefferson's writings on the separation of church and state because it will be easier to convince people that this country was founded on religious principles if future voters never learn that the Founding Fathers explicitly and intentionally separated church and state.  That is not the only proposed change either, but it's a representative example.

Please sign this petition to encourage textbook publishers to refuse to make nationwide changes to their textbooks to the detriment of all our children on the basis that a handful of extremists with no historical, scientific, or academic background think they know better than the "experts". Pass this on to your friends and family - even people without children or with grown children are affected by the future of our Nation's children.  Email it, Tweet about it, blog about it, post it in Facebook.
Tags: fear, freedom/politics, recommendations, religion

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