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The Journal Of The InnKeeper
Ranty Lessons by Joreth
HPV Vaccine Safety 
22nd-Jul-2011 01:19 am
Super Tech, strong, feminism
I may have linked or posted this infographic in the past, but it is an ongoing and updated project, so I'm posting it now even if I did post it in the past because it has probably changed.  In fact, the post that the following graphic comes from has a link to the original infographic that I probably posted when *it* came out, which compares HPV vax risk to driving risk, which is pretty cool.

It comes to us from the wonderful Information Is Beautiful website, which posts links to all its sources but makes complicated raw data easy to understand.  This particular graphic is located at http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2011/is-the-hpv-vaccine-safe-v-2-0/.  I recommend visiting this link directly, and if you have several hours to spend, checking out some of their other infographics.

So if you are under 30 and have health insurance - go get the vaccine.  If you are over 30 and/or do not have health insurance, save up about $300 and find a provider to give you the vaccine off-label (that means it's legal to but they can't legally claim it works so insurance companies probably won't cover it - and they can't legally claim it works only because the FDA has not given them permission to make that claim yet, not because the science isn't behind it).
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