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The Journal Of The InnKeeper
Ranty Lessons by Joreth
Carageenan Update 
15th-Jan-2013 12:53 am
statement, Kitty Eyes, being wise
It was back in July, 2010 that I last wrote about carrageenan, a component of algae found in nearly every type of commericial food, that looks to have HPV-blocking properties.  All in vitro testing done up until that post seemed very promising.  In July of 2010, a research facility had finally gotten the go-ahead to try a double-blind trial on actual people - testing had only been done in the lab before then.  Well, I haven't heard anything new since then so I haven't made any posts about it.  I did a cursory Google search for the specific product that I wrote about, Carraguard, to see what happened, but I didn't find anything more recent than that same study.  It has apparently concluded and found the gel to be effective, but the conclusion didn't make any headlines that I'm aware of, and no announcements about putting Carraguard into production.

Today I saw that there's another research facility in Canada doing their own double-blind, human study sing a personal lube that is currently available on the market, Divine 9 which also passed all of it's Phase II, in vitro, trials).  They will give a very similar gel/lube with either carrageenan or a placebo to be used during sex and then follow up with the women in a year to check the rates of HPV infection.  Hopefully something will actually come out of this study, so that we can start seeing products made specifically with anti-HPV properties in mind, and so we can offer a more affordable option to those women who can't afford the vaccine.  In the meantime, there are already personal lubes available on the market with high concentrations of carrageenan as a regular ingredient used to thicken products.  Divine 9, Bioglide vegan), and Oceanus Dreambrands Carrageenan are all commercially available lubes that the research suggests may be effective and preventing HPV transmission during sex.

Also, I just heard that there is a test for men now, but I'm still trying to get details on it.  So far, all I've found is this article talking about a clinic in San Diego that decided, on its own, to start swabbing the urethra opening and performing the HPV test in the context of a research study.  According to the CDC, there is still no FDA-approved test for men.  Near as I can figure, individual men can occasionally convince a doctor to do the woman's test on their penis.  But I know someone who claims to have found a doctor to give him the test, so when I get more information on it, I'll post it here.
15th-Jan-2013 01:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for keeping us posted. This is interesting stuff, and important.
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