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The Journal Of The InnKeeper

Ranty Lessons by Joreth

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This is my place to rant, to vent, to allow myself to be frustrated and to share news I'm excited about, good or bad. People's online personas are rarely the full picture of who they are, and this journal is no exception. I have a full journal entry about the purpose of my journal here: http://joreth.livejournal.com/118465.html

What you see here will often be ranty, but the underlying reason is always to educate ... about topics of interest to me, of importance to me, or about me personally. There is more to Joreth than the angry LJ posts or online flame wars, but this is the place to see Angry Joreth and the online flame wars. Visit my personal page at www.theinnbetween.net for picture uploads and my business site at www.stagehandtees.com for cool t-shirts or my poly shirt site at www.polytees.com or my atheist shirt site at atheisttees.spreadshirt.com!
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